Project Description

SISTERS wins numerous awards

Sisters is my debut as a film choreographer.  The story is about three abandoned little sisters. In the choreography I researched the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability, versus the strength you get from your siblings and the social dynamics that come with factors such as age, difference in personality and the position amongst siblings.

The Topkapi Films Award jury: “With one of the films everything fell into place: this film is original, compelling, particularly autonomous and at the same time strongly universal. Although molded in an uncompromising form, the makers succeed to touch the spectator directly in the heart. The jury was unanomously overwhelmed and enthusiastic. As far as we are concerned this film can go around the world.”

And so it does. In 2018 and 2019 Sisters won the following awards, often amidst tens of impressive international submissions:

Topkapi FilmsFiction Prize

Keep an EYE festival (Amsterdam Film Museum) – Audience Award

AmsterdansEmerging Choreographers

Noordfilm FestivalNoorderkroon award

〉 Amsterdam University of the Arts AHK – End-of-year prize & Audience Award

〉 Eindhoven Film FestivalBest music, best editor

〉 ShortcutzBest editing, best experimental film, best cinematography, best art direction