Project omschrijving


A short documentary about Emma and her work made by Elle Magazine The Netherlands. Please see below for English narrative.

Creative Story by Elle Report – English narrative

My name is Emma Evelein, 23 years old, I live in Amsterdam and I am dancer and maker. I always thought professional dancer is not something you do, it is something you dream about, what you see in films. A girl in my school class told me she was in training to go to Dance Academy; I thought “Wow, I’d like that so much” and the whole idea flipped and in fact I then decided that that would be my goal. After the Dance Academy I discovered contemporary. Contemporary dance changes constantly, it is about what’s going on now, what is created now, what you work with now. Choreographing was super early in me, I think about it each day. I shoot clips through trees, of the horizon, the way the pavement moves under my feet, the movements of people who have a conversation.

(About featured co-dancer Emma Wijbenga:) We were on the same Dance Academy and when I got the idea of I’ll Be Changed By Then, my first video project, I asked Emma and that was one of the best choices I ever made. The first time we rehearsed in the studio, we fixed our hair exactly at the same time we, we breathed, stood ready and one way or another we had this click and we mixed in.

I have constantly had moments where I thought “Why am I doing this?”. It can make you very happy however it can also hurt you very much, for example if you are endlessly underway to auditions, if you get turned down. What I would like to say to other dancers, do not give up, take as much risk as possible, go jam with other people, seek people from other generations, other cultures. I dance nearly each day, I live for dancing, it is something that is in my head constantly. There is a lot of my personality in my work. I always look for honesty, sincerity, connections between people. Often if I make something, people say “Yes, that is really Emma” and I do not know yet what it is, but I do know I strongly follow my intuition in dance and that at a given instant it becomes my very own.