Masterclasses and teaching

Emma’s class is focused on training in Urban/Contemporary. In the first half we will visit technique, improvisation, musicality, stamina and the challenge to search for your own creativity. In the second half of the class Emma will teach repertoire from her projects and pieces. Dancers in class are challenged to function in tasks, musicality, creativity, partnering as well as different aspects of the contemporary and urban dance styles where the individuality and expression is the most important work direction.

Emma’s teaching resumé

Kamata Jazz / Kamata 3 for 1
Jesse Grossen Studio
Danse Erquelinnes

Nadine Bommer summer intensive 2019 Tel Aviv

Equilibrio Dinamico 2 day intensive 2018
Mediterraneo dance festival 2019
Dino Carano Teacher Workshop Napels 2019
The challenge Napels 2019

Helen’s Dance and XL

Henny Jurriëns Foundation contemporary classes
Henny Jurriëns Foundation autumn intensive 2020
Amsterdam Dance Centre
CIOS Limburg
Utrechtse Dans Academie
ICS Amsterdam
Olympus Utrecht
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Amsterdam dance center international groups
Dance around da globe Amsterdam
Danskamp 2018
Amsterdamse Hogeschool van de Kunsten – Urban Contemporary department
Meervaart – Studio West Amsterdam
Creating Art Productions Den Haag
MBO Dans Sittard
Danserswijk dansstudio Oisterwijk
Workshop dansschool Dentro Alkmaar

Festival Danca Lisbon

The Stage Moscow 3 day intensive
Samson competition St Petersburg 2020

Chance to dance / Studio 5

World of dance Lviv 2019
Atmosphere Kiev 2019

United States
Battery Dance New York 2019

Tanzwerk101 summer edition Zürich