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RIDCC 2021 – Fifty-one/fourty-nine


Prize winning Fifty-one/Fourty-nine

Together with Remy Tilburg, Emma made the duet Fifty-one/fourty-nine for the 2021 RIDCC Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition. It was selected out of more than 400 entries from 62 countries and reached the finale. It got rewarded with the Partnering Award of the world-renowned Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT).

The story of Fifty-one/Fourty-nine

The duet Fifty-one/forty-nine appoints the male and female energy in all of us, and the shifting dominance between the two. Two dancers express the subtle lines of the constant exchange in male and female energy. Their bodies become human instead of gender related, welcoming what both energies have to offer. In this journey through the range of all kinds of extreme and soft qualities, we fall back on our animalistic, sensitive, friendly, social and protective aspects in our personality, that everyone -no matter which gender- has within.